Cambridge, Ontario: Travel notes and Photos

Cambridge, Ontario

Cambridge is located in Southern Ontario, just east of Kitchener/Waterloo, about 1,5 hour drive west from Toronto. The city of Cambridge was formed in 1973 as a result of merging of the city of Galt with the towns of Preston and Hespeler and the Blair village. Hespeler is located in the north-east, along the Speed River. The Speed River then merges with Grand River in Preston. The Blair village overlooks the western shore of the Grand River. Galt is situated further downstream, on both sides of the Grand River. You'd wonder how did they come up with the name "Cambridge" out of all those names? Turns out, Preston was locally known as "Cambridge Mills." The Cambridge city hall is located in Galt.

Galt Old Post Office, buit in 1886

Because of its convenient location along a major highway (401), the city of Cambridge is well integrated in the industrial part of Ontario economy. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada plant as well as a number of other industrial companies are located here. Most shopping stores, as well as the Cambridge Centre Mall are located along the Hespeler road, which is the main artery connecting Galt to Hespeler. Besides the usual stores, the Cambridge Centre mall hosts an NHL-sized ice rink and a movie theatre.

Main Street Bridge

City planners did a good job leaving plenty of space for trails and parks, as well as restoring post-industrial town scape. The trail system is well developed and runs from Hespeler in the north-east all the way to Galt. There is also a popular walking / biking trail connects Cambridge to Paris, a small town situated 20 km down the river. The Cambridge to Paris trail was converted from a former railway line. It runs along the eastern shore of the Grand River and offers plenty of excellent views.

Mill Race Park

The downtown Galt is nicely restored. Historic old-stone historical buildings and pedestrian-friendly environment offer excellent views and shopping or dining experience. The old Dickson Mill that was long forgotten on the eastern shore of Grand River was transformed into a fine restaurant and special event facility. Cambridge is home to the University of Waterloo School of Architecture campus. The modern Dunfield Theatre Cambridge opened its doors in 2013.

Dunfield Theater Cambridge

Cambridge is a green city with a number of parks; the Riverside Park on the shore of the Speed River in Preston is the largest. Mill Race Park is located on Water is built on ruins of the old Dickson Textile Mill. Mill Race Park is the site of Mill Race Festival of Traditional Folk Music as well as other events. Churchill park in Galt is very beautiful. Other well-known local attractions include Butterfly Conservatory, Fashion History Museum, and Southworks Mall.

Southworks Mall

Because of the well-preserved old-town scenery, Cambridge is often chosen as a movie-shooting location. Some scenes for the TV mini-series "11.22.63" by Stephen King were filmed in Hespeler part of Cambridge. The popular Canadian TV-series "Murdoch Mysteries" was also filmed in Cambridge.
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More photos of Cambridge

Canada Post office, Galt

View on the Grand river and Cambridge Mill

Hespeler library

Riverside Park in the Fall

Queen's Square

Water and Main street in Galt

The Centennial Fountain in Queen's Square

Another view of the church and the Main Street bridge

Grand River

Churchill Park
Galt Collegiate Institute