Photos of Old Québec

Quebec City

Quebec City (Ville de Quebec) is the capital of the Canadian province of Quebec and is one of the oldest cities in Canada. Located on the rocky banks of the St. Lawrence river and surrounded by fortified stone walls, the Quebec City's famous Old Town (Vieux-Quebec) offers plenty of attractions with the famous Chateau Frontenac, the Citadelle, winding streets with unique European flavor and endless shops and restaurants. It's almost like visiting Europe without crossing the Atlantic. I took these photos in October of 2006. This page is optimized for mobile phone users. To see larger resolution images, rotate your phone or tablet to horizontal view or access from a larger screen.

Porte Saint-Louis, one of the gates to the old town
Parc de l'Esplanade Rue St-Louis
Rue St-Louis
Rue St-Louis

Quebec City Old Town: Corner of Rue Saint Louis and Rue du Parloir
Quebec City Old Town: Restaurant Le Continental
Ministère des Finances du Québec
Rue du Fort and Rue St. Anne
Musée du fort
Rue Sainte-Anne
Côte de la Montagne
Quartier Petit Champlain - Petit-Champlain District
Quartier Petit Champlain - Corner of Rue du Petit Champlain and Sous le Fort
Château Frontenac
Place Royale
Place Royale
Place Royale
Street Musician
Famous Fresque des Québécois on Côte de la Montagne
Place de Paris
Monument de Samuel de Champlain
St Lawrence River, view from Terrasse Dufferin
Quebec City, view from the St Lawrence River
Rue Port Dauphin
Night Quebec. View from across the St Lawrence River