Photos of St John's, Newfoundland

St John's color houses

Newfoundland is the one place you don't want to miss. Meet amazing hardworking people and discover spectacular views. Hidden from the rough Atlanic waves in a beautiful harbour, St John's is the most colorful city in Canada. I took these photos in the Fall of 2016. To see larger images rotate your phone or tablet to horizontal view or access on larger screen.

St John's, NL
St John's looking North
St. John's Harbour
Cabot Tower on Signal Hill

Where does the name Signal Hill come from? The guard who watched for approaching ships from the top of the hill, signalled the name of the arriving ships to the harbor residents.

View from Cabot Tower
St John's downtown
Colors of St John's
View of Queens Battery and the harbor

The Johnson GEO CENTRE is a highly rated attraction. Beside many other exhibits, you can see the rocks of Signal Hill that are 550 million year old.

The Four Sisters- Historic Temperance Street Houses

Samuel Garrett built these four houses for his daughters in late 1800's. His other work included the Cabot Tower on the Signal Hill.

Duckworth street
National War Memorial
Duckworth and Holloway st
Colorful houses on Holloway street

You will find those famous rows of colorful houses also known as Jellybean Row Houses everywhere in St John's. It's such a beautiful sea of colors that you won't find in any other Canadian town.

Angels Corner at the intersection of Duckworth Street and Prescott Street

Angel's Corner is the memorial created to rise awareness of the need to end violence and abuse against women.

Shopping district on Water street

Water street shopping includes many coffee and gift shops, clothing boutiques and souvenir stores. Need a guitar or a bicycle? You will find it on Water street!

Pier 7

Pier 7 is a home to many boat tour operators. Iceberg tours, whale watching, you will find your boat here.

St. John's Convention Centre
George street

Welcome to St John's entertainment district! George street is empty in the morning, but comes to live after dawn. It's a two-block street famous for its bars and pubs. If you visited St John's, everyone will ask you: Did you go to George street?

Cathedral street
Colorful houses on Kings road
View from Harborside Park