Photo Wallpapers for your phone

Balsam fir tree needles after rain. HD Wallpaper

This little balsam fir tree grows in the northeastern United States and Canada, including Newfoundland, where this photo was taken. What is interesting, in Newfoundland the moose population has grown so much that in some parks, the balsam fir is actually under threat. The moose diet includes balsam fir.

Atlantic Ocean meets North America. HD Wallpaper

Water is an essential part of our lives. For ages our life depended on water. Our ancestors lived by rivers lakes and oceans. Water provided us with food and connected our communities together. We love to live close to water and watch the river flow or overlook the ocean. What is so special about this wallpaper? This photo was taken from the most eastern point in North America. It's called Cape Spear, located in Newfoundland, Canada.

Early morning at Lake Louise. HD Wallpaper

Lake Louise is the gem of Canadian Rockies. In early morning, its waters are quiet and calm. The lake's original name was " Ho-run-num-nay", which means Lake of Little Fishes.

Sunrise at the River Falls. HD Wallpaper

The river falls like this provide excellent settings for photography, especially if the access is not restricted. This small river is called Carp River. It flows into Ottawa river.

Niagara Falls at night. HD Wallpaper

Niagara Falls are situated on the Niagara River that carries waters of Lake Superior, Huron and Erie into the Lake Ontario. Niagara Falls are made of three falls. The one in the photo is called Horseshoe Falls. It's the largest of the three. At night, Niagara Falls are illuminated by projectors that change the color every few minutes.

Sunrise at Rock Percé. HD Wallpaper

This interesting rock formation sits in the Gulf of St Lawrence near the village of Percé. It is called Rocher Percé or Pierced Rock. In the early morning in the summer, you can catch the rising sun peaking through the gap in the rock. In place of that gap, there used to be an arch. This arch collapsed on June 17, 1845.

Waterfall in the green garden. HD Wallpaper

A stroll though a green garden is one of the best ways to clear your mind and enjoy the beauty of the nature. The sound of a small waterfall is soothing and relaxing.

Green Garden. HD Wallpaper

If you look at the light spectrum, the green color is right in the middle. It's no wonder that green is considered the color of balance.

Rock grass. HD Wallpaper

This interesting vegetation grows on cracks and crevices of huge rocks in Northern Ontario. As the rocks have no soil, the grass feeds off fallen pine and fir needles.

Milky Way. HD Wallpaper

To see the Milky Way, you would have to go far from city lights. Milky Way is the galaxy, that contains Solar System and our planet. What we see is billions of stars arranged in the shape of a disc that appear as a band of light when looking from the inside of the disc. The name Milky Way came from the Greeks who called it "milky circle"

Toronto Wallpaper. HD Wallpaper

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the CN Tower is the signature attraction in Toronto. At night the CN Tower is highlighted by colorful lights. This rare photo was taken in 2007, when Toronto shoreline wasn't blocked by multiple condo towers built in later years.